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The Life and Leadership Center’s mission is clear and concise to change lives, grow leaders, and transform businesses.

Change Lives 

Need practical life advice that allows you to take back your life and find ultimate fulfillment! Here is where it begins. 

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Grow Leaders

If you are looking to surpass your peers and advance your leadership abilities, you are in the right place!

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Transform Business

Ready to take your organization to the next level? Our courses and consults can help you do just that! 

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Success in life can be elusive and fulfillment can seem farfetched. Both, however, are achievable. Unfortunately, instead of conquering life, most people feel that life is conquering them. Our process brings you the simplicity and focus needed to change your life like you never thought possible.

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Life Leadership


In life wisdom can be earned or learned. When wisdom is earned, it often comes at a high price. However, wisdom can also be learned from those who have paid the price for us. Let us share with you the wisdom learned by others so you can start living your new fulfilling life immediately.

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Prespectives on Leadership Course

Corporate results depend upon the leader’s ability to effectively and efficiently deliver the desired results. They do this by meeting market demands in an ever-changing environment. This course will provide you with perspectives on the various strategies for leading your team.

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Leading Your Business


Running your business or business unit requires a sound strategy. If you are new to your business line or have been leading it for years, now is the time to evaluate your strategy for success. This course is designed to walk you through that process and set you ahead of your peers at evaluation time.

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Our Coaching Approach

We collaboratively execute our practical five-step approach with our clients: 


Our courses help you evaluate the current dynamics of your unique situation.


Inspire a unique and clear vison for the future.


Collaboratively form a plan of specific actions.


Consciously execute the agreed-upon plan.


Efficiently deliver the desired results.

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Our most popular coaching sessions

  • Leading Life on Purpose
  • Pathways to Leading Others
  • Strategic Business Leadership

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Our highly qualified leadership team stands ready to serve you!

Dennis J. Ducatt, MBA

Dennis is a sought-after leader and trainer with experience in both small business and a fortune 500 company.  He holds an MBA in Marketing and is in pursuit of his PHD in leadership. 

Dr. Brandon Pardekooper

With a degree in strategic leadership foresight, Dr. Pardekooper uses community building, leadership training, and team design for successful organizational growth.

Roy Ching, MA

Website developer & Digital Marketer with years of experience in higher education and workplace industry. Mental Health Coach and USAT Coach certified.  

"Everything rises and falls on leadership, but knowing how to lead is only half the battle. Understanding leadership and actually leading are two different activities." - John Maxwell

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