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Life Leadership Course

In life, wisdom can be earned or learned. When wisdom is earned, it often comes at a high price. However, wisdom can also be learned from those who have paid the price for us. Let us share with you the wisdom that others have earned. So, you can start living your new more fulfilling life.


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Perspectives on Leadership Course

Corporate results depend upon the leader’s ability to effectively and efficiently deliver the desired results by meeting market demands in an ever-changing environment. When people are properly motivated they can achieve seemly impossible results. This course will equip you with a foundation to do just that!


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Advance Your Business Course

Running your business or business unit requires a sound strategy. If you are new to your business line or have been leading it for years, it is likely time to evaluate your next steps toward success. This course is designed to walk you through that process and set you ahead of your peers at evaluation time.

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Leading Your Time - Time Management Course

$199.00 USD

The Total Life Assessment

$49.99 USD

Leading Life Course

$199.00 USD